Hey! Welcome to the personal tumblog of Ai-Bee! You can call me Bee. I'm 23 and I like to doodle and do crafty-stuffs. I love the magical girl genre and fashion, and I'm obsessed with character designs and storytelling. I'm in the process of a comic with my girlfriend. Check out the "Picture This" link in my sidebar!

I'm trying to cut back on reblogs and make this space more original material and art. Sometimes I dress myself and take the laziest gpoy you've ever seen, as well. Sorry about that! You're welcome to follow along if you like. :)

My main tumblr is Bigfatbeckoningcat

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Some sketches of me and Bee’s literature magical girls! Well, two of them anyway.
Dora (History) and Lamees (Mystery) were in a relationship once and it was really nice. Now they act like a dysfunctional married couple.
They’re secretly still nuts about each other but you know.

I want these fuckers to get married already. The world needs more genderqueer black/desi couples

This is also on dA!


Et Vladimir collectionne les petites licornes. 



I’ve been wanting to design each assassin’s mask for a while now, inspired by a mix of the wearable sculptures of Rein Vollenga and planetary symbols.
The symbols were actually the hardest part of the whole process and took me several months to solidify SOB. When I finally figured all of them out, I kinda went crazy with these bust shots.

In order:

Sun - Kajur, Mercury - Kye, Venus - Hiu, Moon - Chandra, Mars - Kou, Jupiter - Marduk, Saturn - Shani, Uranus - Yozu, Neptune - Sei’zin, Pluto - Yama.

Kajur doesn’t have a mask since she’s the head of the Solaris organization and doesn’t do assassinations. The rest are all in order of her favoritism.

More of this project can be found here
And you can also check this out on dA!


Wondered what your favourite artists style looks like :3


Ah this question kinda confused me, are you asking my favourite artist and their style?

Because it’s Tyshea from Deviantart





I gijinka’d hazel the uchi squirrel because she is my favorite villager in all of new leaf.

unibrow? how about UNI-WOW ☆*:.。. ヽ( ★ω★)ノ .。.:*☆

my sister bought these for me for my birthday and they finally came! They were a bit expensive for how absolutely tiny they are (barely over 1 1/2 inches tall!) but they’re really very detailed and nice quality. Their eyes are printed on so well @_@ and jupiter’s ponytail is so cute, she even has hair curlies on the sides! And their poses are sooo cute!


Do you go to a school for sempais because *whistle* I want this sempai to notice me *winks*

You’ve discovered my secret… I do.

I go to the most prestigious elite private senpai academy.


And I only have eyes for you, Ty-kouhai. //cups chin and stares into eyes

do you go to school at acalanes?

Nope, I’ve been outta school for 6 years… (゜-゜)

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But Bein Alone’s the Only Way to Be

So you think I’m alone?
But being alone’s the only way to be
When you step outside
You spend life fighting for your sanity

This is a cold war
You better know what you’re fighting for

"Cold War" by Janelle Monae

Now that these fuckers have a new universe for their story, I wanted to revisit a cartoony style I did for them back in the day. This time there’s a lot more movement.

From left to right: Ti Jinh, Atka, Rilu | Kye, Sika, Shii
The three characters on the left are Bee's, all natural-born, while my three are on the right are all artificial humans.

Hope you guys dig it! Cause I’m pretty proud of it!

You can find more of them here!

Sometimes I hoard a bunch of nice asks together and hug them. (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)

T-thank you for all the nice thoughts you sweetiepies I can hardly handle replying OTL I try not to do this often cuz I don’t wanna clog up anyone’s dashboards with me oozing love at people oozing love back at me yo so

Also, I’m sorry if you’re embarrassed your username is showing I couldn’t decide if it was rude to hide them or not since it was just like.. nice thoughts…? DON’T BE SHY I JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU

Anddd a couple of these were asking about my hair a bit so I thought I’d answer those too!

I actually hardly do anything to my hair a lot of the time. *lays down slowly* I TRY to use product, but 98% of the time I’m too lazy or in a hurry out the door. I just wash it. I don’t use conditioner though? Because it deflates faster since it’s short, but I figure most people with short hair do that… but it depends on your hair texture too.

I guess this cut is like … a pixie hawk. My sides are shaved down to about 1/2 inch most of the time, but I’ve been letting the top of my head grow out lately because why not. It’s also layered though, short at the back of my head to long in the front. Also check out google images! I can wear it two ways like this shot. (If I ever get off my bum to do it.) Sometimes the top gets too long to spike so I either have to get it re-layered or do something more subtle. Or just continue being lazy, but the blonde (and past highlights) do a lot to make it look ready-to-wear without having to put effort into it.

As for the recent bleaching I used Loreal La Petit Frost in Chardonnay, it was like 7 bucks at walmart. I did that myself/with my sister’s help and we just literally globbed it on with gloves (damn that smelled nasty tho geeze) and used our hands to distribute it evenly. I’m not gonna say it was a professional or flawless method because it actually came with a cap to use and I kinda wish i just got the box bleach with a brush. But either way, I’m sick of being scared to alter my own hair lmao. So hands and blind bravery it was.

I really love my hair and I find experimenting with it very exciting after the initial fear goes away. I hope it encourages someone to just go for whatever they feel like and not worry because it’s only hair and it grows back!! I hope that answers some questions!

wow i took that first selfie totally not expecting this to happen and then it did. level up! now i actually look the way i drew my hair in that style meme ohohohoho~

I used la petit frost by loreal and my/my sister’s gloved hands 100% BLIND BRAVERY. LOL. it’s a bit strawberry blonde in the light but i like it either way??? yep

the amonia is still following me around the house though help

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