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Bee: How do you even spell words
Cait: W - O - R - D - S!
Bee: ...CAITLIN!!!




9 words to make you really think.

This. Is. Profound.

This is something everyone should see

flamingzebra whispered: I am gonna be horrible person but uh TOP FIVE OF YOURS AND BEES SHIPS TOGETHER


CAIT YOU ARE HORRIBLE HOW CAN I CHOOSE? Uh let’s try ONE couple from each of our projects…

1. Rilu x Kye from Solaris (badass ladies and our first babies together so they usually win)
2. Addison x Sym from WWP (tender femme mofos that most our fans don’t know nearly enough about)
3. Sam x Sara (all the PT girls are tied though, I just chose them since they’re the most fleshed out)
4. Lamees x Dora from our Literature magical girls (bastards grew on me so quick I’m gonna choke someone. Though they’re also suuuper close with Wen x Lady)
5. Linette x Constance from our fantasy world (stupid married babies)

i would like this on my blarg yes i would

Anonymous whispered: I never knew Addison and Sym were a couple! To be honest, I couldn't understand why they are couple because of their two different personalities (Addison being all quiet and mysterious and Sym having an attitude over anything) but love is weird and they may have unbelievable chemistry! So I can wait to see what you guys do with these lovely ladies!


Yess, they’re a couple and we adore them! I don’t know if you saw my monster girl challenge, but I thought that picture made it pretty obvious LOL


Anyway, Sym’s personality has changed a lot since I drew her like five years ago. Now she’s a lot more laid back and water-like than when she was a meangirl ice queen. She still comes across as aggressive because she has chronic b*tch face and her humor is very deadpan and sarcastic. But she’s kind of a sweetheart now. Just bored with people easily.

Addi’s recently gone through quite a facelift too, I won’t go too much into it since she’s Bee’s baby, but she has Aspergers and one of her stims is the sensation of water. So Sym can physically help her calm down if she has any freeze-ups. Also Addi’s a witch and has an affinity for air and water magic soooo I just. I love them together A LOT

ahhhhhhhhh i honestly need to draw them more… 

there will be glitter and guts ▷


Everyone should go follow Bee’s magical girl blog

i forgot to reblog this last time omg

i-if you  guys were really curious, behold:

my magical girl inspiration reblogblogblog… blog

i haven’t finished 95% of the anime i like or reblog on it WOO-HOO



People seriously
the dedication recovery
You cannot avoid it,
nor can you speed through it.
You must
take your time.
Your path may alter,
your rest stops may change,
but you will be
for it.

- Michelle K., How do You Recover? pt. 6. (via michellekpoems) -
thehellevator whispered: Hey, I know that probably everyone and their mother asked this or that you wrote it somewhere or everywhere and I just blatantly missed it, but do you and Bee RP your stories or just write and discuss them?


Actually I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this! (Answering publicly in case anyone else is curious)

Typically we just talk it out vaguely, sometimes accompanied with sketches and such. I’m not much of a narrative writer, I tend to stay in prose and poetry, and both me and bee are visual thinkers so it serves us really well.
I’ve only recently gotten into “role playing,” as in writing out constructed paragraphs and interaction etc (I partly blame my buddy Caitlin/flamingzebra, lmao). But I think of it more as for-fun rather than how I want people to experience our stories, if that makes sense.


I missed these babies and I’ve been pretty into the sports luxe style lately

aaahh god i love looking at this, great job angel <333333333


Bee was like “I’m not going to freak out as bad as you did seeing the Sailor Mars episode, nope”

And episode 4 doesn’t even HAVE Makoto in it and she’s already screaming at the preview and just ordered the Jupiter figurine.

I win.



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