Hey! Welcome to the personal tumblog of Ai-Bee! You can call me Bee. I'm 23 and I like to doodle and do crafty-stuffs. I love the magical girl genre and fashion, and I'm obsessed with character designs and storytelling. I'm in the process of a comic with my girlfriend. Check out the "Picture This" link in my sidebar!

I'm trying to cut back on reblogs and make this space more original material and art. Sometimes I dress myself and take the laziest gpoy you've ever seen, as well. Sorry about that! You're welcome to follow along if you like. :)

My main tumblr is Bigfatbeckoningcat

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outfit I wore jan 1st, dropping Naf off at the airport. Got the hat for X-mas, and bought the pants during an outing with her. I actually had to hide my face in these for a reason, ahahaha… /sapsap

How can a simple outfit being me so many feelings? orz//;;

3:12pm · Monday, June 3rd, 2013 · 23 notes
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  1. alsoalice said: aaah you outfits are always so cool!! And aww sweet story ^^
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