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Set 3 of the 30 Day Magical Girl Challenge! Containing days 13-18!

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13: Evil. Forgive me, she’s not very mahou-shoujo at all. I-I just wanted to do a companion piece to my day 10 Goddess prompt with her appropriate counterpart. So I guess that was indulgent on my part… s-she has magical powers though?? kinda?? idk /lays on side

14: Young/Little. SODAPOP! She’s Soda from my drink-tan brigade, being her spunky little energetic self. She’s supposed to be about ten, but a lot of my style is pretty blobby-moe so I can’t really tell if I aged her properly or not. (●´ω`●)ゞ

15: Princess. Princess Sunflower is my little ballerina, a companion to the Lilypad Princess I drew some time ago. You can also see her civilian form in this dump. I definitely aged her up too much in this drawing oh my gosh. B-b-but I still like it.

16: Aquatic. Again not nearly as magical girl as I could’ve gone… Sigh!! this originally started out as something else but time constraints led me to finish this one in a half-hearted hurry @w@;; Also, it’s dumdum Keira, one of my fanmews. wahaha!

17: Gunslinger. This one feels rather rushed and I’m so rusty at my lineless thing/was also rushing to finish this one.. not entirely happy with it but. The themes on this one probably don’t make sense to anyone but me, ahhhh. She’s vaquero inspired. Note to self, newspaper from here.

18: Mythological. PHOEBE MY PRECIOUS BABY SAVING MY DAY AND BRINGING BACK THE GLITTER TO THIS SET. I was fed up with how un-magical this installment was so I EXPLODED ALL OVER THE PAGE WITH CUTE SQUISHY STUFF. I also tried a different eye/face style, which I really… really like! I’m gonna try it again soon. She’s my favorite piece for the moment sob  (´∀`)♡ Lace from heree


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