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30 Day Magical Girl Challenge! SET 5, 25-30! 

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25 Pirate: FEATURING RILU AKA TIGERSHARK AKA MY LITTLE SHIT. The anchor on her top got used in Ty’s cyberpunk AU as a decal even!! But yeah I went with something relatively simple/first-mate feeling instead of a captain this time. :P

26 Bug! Fairy Belle as a delicate beetle fairy magical girl with plant and wood powers, most likely. Her dress is based off a bluebell, which was what inspired her name :)

27 Oldschool: I struggled with this one a with several different ideas, but I ended up going with a classic bishoujo magical girl theme directly inspired off of- you guessed it- Utena. (In B4 someone says she’s kind of like anthy and utena’s lovechild… I’M SORRY I REALLY WANTED TO DO NATURAL AFRICAN AMERICAN PRINCESS HAIR FOR HER LOL) Her name is Linette and she is accidently gorgeous and noble all of the time.

28 Pajamas: This was an unusual and cute prompt, I went for a bedtime theme with a twist- tried to keep her clothes feeling vaguely PJ esque (like her housecoat and big pj pant legwarmers) but added a bit of magic to it. She’s a Sandman Spirit or something to that effect :)

29 Working: I knew right away I wanted to do a firefighter, and thought of fireflies, so that’s her codename. She’s an even-tempered, fair, and mature girl- perfect for someone dealing with such an unruly element.

30 Magical Boy: Featuring none other than my oc Atka in his more modern AU version with the blond streak- who said older grizzly guys can’t sport a little magic and mystery? ;)

Please do check out all 30 of these guys on my DeviantART!

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